5 - What is the Fairtrade Premium?

In this lesson the children use a cartoon strip to learn about where the Fairtrade premium comes from and what it is spent on.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to non-statutory programmes of study in Citizenship and PSHE.

Resources needed
Plain paper, art materials.

Learning Objective
To understand the Fairtrade premium.

Learning Outcome
Children understand where the Fairtrade premium comes from and what it's spent on.

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Print out and laminate copies of the Fairtrade Mark and cut them into pieces. In groups children have to put the pieces together. What is it? Where do you see it? What is “Fairtrade” and how does it help farmers in countries like South Africa? (Farmers are given a fair price for their crops and an additional payment to make improvements in their community – this is the Fairtrade premium).

Main Activity
Read Elizabeth Mentoor and Don van Wyck’s stories to the class and then make a list of the different items EAC has been able to provide for their communities (water pumps, school bags, farming equipment). Ask the pupils why they think these things are important.If EAC was not involved with Fairtrade, they would not receive this community premium. The premium helps the community develop. Use the Fairtrade cartoon strip to help to explain it to the class.

The Fairtrade Premium
When you buy a Fairtrade item produced by Traidcraft, you can know that as well as farmers being paid a fair price for their crops, the group of farmers has received a ‘Fairtrade premium’ – an extra payment – to spend on community development. 

After looking at the cartoons ask the pupils to draw pictures of what EAC have bought with the Fairtrade premium, remembering the stories they read at the beginning of the class.

If pupils were given a “Fairtrade Premium” to spend on their school. What things would they buy?