Hold a School Bake Off!

How to Run a Fair Trade Bake Off!

Your Step by Step Guide to Running a Fairtrade Bake Off...

Chances are, your school holds a summer fayre or bake sale during the summer months. These cakes might be made in food technology lessons, made by parents, or even made by teachers. But have you considered giving these baking efforts a bit of a fair trade twist?

Most simple recipes found online can be altered to make them fair trade, whether it's by incorporating fair trade dried fruits, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, or any other ingredients you can think of too! Perhaps you could even go a step further, and use locally sourced ingredients where there isn't a fair trade option.

So why not make a day of it, and turn your fair trade cakes into entries into a School Bake Off? Here's your handy step-by-step guide for how to go about it...

1. Decide what your categories will be! Will you stick to small cakes, muffins, or let children and staff bake whatever they like?

2. Decide on a time and a location. Perhaps the school hall one lunchtime, or even in the outdoors if the weather looks nice!

3. Determine the prizes! Traidcraft sell lots of small gifts which would be great for mini prizes. Don’t forget to invite everyone to eat the cake afterwards too, for a real fair trade feast! Explore the Traidcraft online shop.

4. Choose your Judges! Perhaps you could put together a tasting panel of teachers, or you could even invite young people to vote anonymously for their favourite!


5. Inspire your class to bake! Give your class some free time to look online for recipes, or everyone can share recipe cooks brought in from home. Will you be letting them bake in lesson time or encouraging the baking at home? Tell the entrants to bring the cakes in on the day.

6. Dress your Bake Off judging area! Download our Colour-Me-In bunting and get the young people to help out! Perhaps you could all design banners, and cut out your own doilies using the snowflake method? You could print off producer stories to create a display with some fair trade ingredients!

7. Hold your Bake Off! Wish all the contestants luck, and happy baking!




Holding a Fair Trade Bake Off is a brilliant way of helping young people to engage with fair trade and food technology at the same time. Perhaps you could ask contestants to create a poster for their bake, showing the fair trade ingredients, the producers involved, and the countries of origin?

If you’d like to source your fair trade ingredients from the Traidcraft webshop, we can offer your school an invoicing facility with 30 days to pay. Email us at schools@traidcraft.co.uk for more information.