9 - Fruit Snap

In this lesson children play snap while learning the names of fruit in Spanish. They then investigate whether the fruit is available as "Commercio Justo."

If a TA is present, split the class into two groups to undertake the first activities.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to Curriculum aims and programmes of study in MFL.

Learning Objective
To learn Spanish fruit names.

Learning Outcome
Children can name 6 fruits in Spanish.

Resources Needed

Cards will need to be prepared. 3 sets needed for each group of 4. Try to use real fruit while learning the words.

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Teach the class the Spanish words for 6 different fruit using real fruit if possible. Ask them to repeat each word with you 3 times and then test understanding. Repeat the process. Check knowledge by placing all the fruit on the table and then asking certain children to turn their backs/leave the classroom while you take one of the fruits away. They then have to guess which fruit is missing using the correct Spanish word.

Main Activity
Split the class into groups of 4 and give each group a set of the fruit cards. Lay them out face down on the table. Each pupil takes a turn at revealing two fruit cards (in Spanish). The goal is to match two cards. The pupil with the most sets when all the cards have been revealed is the winner. If the pupil doesn’t call out the fruit in Spanish they don’t get the set!

Spanish words and pronunciation guidelines


Grapes uvas oo-vas
Orange naranja na-ran-ha
Apple manzana man-zana
Banana banana Ba-na-na (short “a” throughout)
Pear pera pe-ra
Pineapple piňa peen-ya


For homework ask the class to do the Fruto del Commercio Justo Worksheet when they next visit a supermarket. They need to investigate whether the fruit is available as Fairtrade (Commercio Justo).

Challenge the class to put their hands up and tell you the Spanish word for the different fruit you hold up. 

Pupils draw each fruit and write the correct Spanish word underneath.