Be a Fairtrade School

Become a Fair Trade School

The Fairtrade Schools Award is run by the Fairtrade Foundation. You can register with them to set the ball rolling and to ensure you receive email updates.

The section below explains the 3 steps and some of the practical ways that Traidcraft can support you in your bid for Fairtrade status. 

The Fairtrade Schools Award is a campaign that gives primary and secondary school students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of global issues and the fact that fair trade is the solution for so many farmers and producers. The award aims to teach students how they can be involved in changing the world around them, encouraging them and empowering them to make a difference.

There are 3 stages to the award: FairAware, FairActive, and FairAchiever (which is equivalent to the current Fairtrade Schools Award). Each of the 3 stages will help your school learn about fair trade and actively involved in making a difference to the lives of farmers and workers all over the world.

1. FairAware Award

This is the first Fairtrade Schools Award, and supports your school to find out more about fair trade.

You need to become FairAware by:

  • Registering your school
  • Finding out what your students already know
  • Teaching a lesson about fair trade

Check out our free fair trade resources for schools, for assemblies, lesson plans and activities to help you teach Fairtrade across a range of ages and curriculum areas. Everything is available to download for free.

You can also make use of our Speaker Network, and invite a volunteer to visit your school and talk about fair trade!



2. FairActive Award

After doing completing the FairAware Award, you're ready to move onto the 2nd step and take action for fair trade!

  • Hold a fair trade assembly
  • Set up a Fairtrade group
  • Create an action plan
  • Hold an event
  • Choose one of the Fairtrade Foundation's action challenges!

Invite one of our volunteer Speakers to your event and hold a fair trade stall!

It's easy to get products delivered direct to school and you can pay by invoice if this makes it easier for the accounts department. Find out how to get hold of Traidcraft Fairtrade products here.



3. FairAchiever Award

The final step in the Fairtrade Schools Award is FairAchiever. At this point the school has fully embedded fair trade into their daily life and work to raise awareness of fair trade in their local community.

  • Adopy a Fairtrade policy for your school
  • Review your Action Plan
  • Embed learning
  • Use fair trade products
  • Take two of the Fairtrade Foundation's Fairtrade challenges
  • Find out what your students have learned about fair trade

Whether through stalls, fayres, open evenings, parents' evenings, concerts or partnerships with larger local community events, there are all sorts of opportunities to take action through the school year and help friends, teachers and parents learn more about Fairtrade too!

To find out what Fairtrade products are available and how to source them for your events, explore our Buy Fair Trade area.