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Traidcraft have supplies aplenty for all of your school events, and buying on account has never been easier. From healthy snacks, chocolate-y treats, crumbly cookies, to hot roast and ground coffee – we’ve got it covered.


Why not serve fair trade coffee from our cost-price percolator?

Serving Traidcraft fresh ground coffee not only supports our producers in the developing world, it brings your school community together to raise funds.

To make it easy for you we're offering a 10% discount on coffee, free delivery on your first order (and then on subsequent orders over £50) and an invoice facility. You can also include a cost-price, easy to use Buffalo Coffee Percolator in with your order (£132 code 64128).

When would I use it?

Our Buffalo percolator makes from 40 cups to 100 cups.

It's entirely up to you how you'd like to build your buffalo percolator and school account into your school life. Why not serve coffee to parents at school events or you could even serve coffee daily at the school gates if you wanted. Fresh coffee goes down great in Sixth Form Common Rooms (and you could charge much less than a coffee machine would). Perhaps the percolator would work in your staff room?

Also, with a School Account you receive discounts, an invoice facility, and extra benefits!

- 10% off food and groceries

- 15% off non-food items (not including the percolator, as this is at cost price already)

- £500 credit limit

- 30 days to pay, and options for us to post or email you the invoice

- Delivery in 3 working days

- Free p&p when the order is over £40

How to order

If you already have a school account, just add your fresh ground coffee and the percolator onto your next order. Use code 64128 to order the percolator (£132 incl VAT). We sell the percolator at cost price.

For new school customers - to make sure you can access the school discounts and invoicing facility, you'll need to open a school account for your order to go through on. To do this, either:

  • Call the schools team on 0191 497 3999


Don't forget to add a buffalo percolator to your order if you'd like one (see above for the product code). And if you don't have a catalogue you may need to browse our web shop to help you decide which coffee (or anything else!) you'd like to order, but remember to come back to this page to open your school account and place your order.


If you'd like to talk anything through or have any questions about serving fresh coffee in your school give the schools team a ring (0191 4973999) or drop us an email (

*Please note that the free promotional pack was originally developed for faith based supporters so you may find some of the materials are not relevant.