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Bongi’s Story Activities and Resources

Explore the world of Swazi Candles, Bongi's Story, and Get Crafty With Our New Classroom Activities!


The story of Swazi Candles in Swaziland is a perfect reminder to everyone why the pioneering work of Traidcraft is so important. Schools can support Traidcraft by learning about our producers and (most importantly) buying and using Traidcraft's products in school, not only as a demonstration of a respect for handmade, but as a demonstration to your local community of your commitment to trade justice.

We've developed some new classroom resources to explore the world of Swazi Candles, candle-making, and Bongi's Story which are adaptable for KS1 - KS3.

These resources include a video, a powerpoint presentation, and two candle related craft activities.

Watch 'Bongi's Story' video

Download 'The Candle-Maker's Journey and Bongi's Story' Powerpoint Presentation

Download 'Decorating a Candle' Activity

Download 'Creating a Tea-Light Lantern' Activity