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Sharing Catalogues

Parents and colleagues will be delighted that they can help raise funds for your school just by doing their Christmas shopping (or shopping at any time of year really!)!

Pass catalogues around the staffroom or send them home with pupils and we'll take glorious discounts off your orders with Traidcraft to help you raise funds for your school or another cause.

You will receive:

10% off foods, groceries, snacks, tea and coffee, etc

15% off all non-food products

If your first order is over £300, we'll give you a 20% discount on everything in your order!

See how one school even made it into the local news with their selling efforts!

Follow these easy steps to get involved:

1. Call our schools team on 0191 4973999 to open your account, or fill in your details on this online form! Don't for get to let us know how many catalogues and order forms you'd like. We'll send them out free of charge. (Please do try and share catalogues wherever possible, we normally recommend sending enough for one class at a time).

2. Distribute your catalogues and order forms. Many schools make up their own forms with their own letterhead, and then include space for the buyer's name, contact details, and then a box for the product codes and quantities comprising their order. You can download a ready made catalogue ordering form here. If you need any help with this, just email us at .

3. Collect your orders back in. You will need to collect cash or cheque payment and keep hold of it until you have placed the order with Traidcraft. Call our schools team on 0191 4973999 to open your account, or fill in your details on this online form!

4. The orders will arrive within a week (no delivery charge!) Why not set up a collection point for your customers and have fun collating the orders?

5. Once you've received your delivery and invoice from Traidcraft, send a single cheque to Traidcraft for the total amount. Alternatively, you can pay by BACS, by phone, or by cheque.

6. The difference between the amount on the invoice and the money you have received is your profit (see your discounts above). You could donate this to a school cause or to a Fairtrade charity such as Traidcraft Exchange.

7. Send us your pictures! We'd love to see them.

If you have any questions drop us a line or give us a call (0191 4973999) and we'll be happy to help.