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Getting involved with Traidcraft is fun and fulfilling for students - two sixth formers recently reported that promoting Fairtrade in school and running a tuckshop was the best thing they had done this year!

This site provides all you need to know to get your school involved with Fairtrade. Traidcraft is the UK's leading Fairtrade organisation and has been 'fighting poverty through trade' since 1979.

The children of today are the decision-makers, politicians and business leaders of tomorrow. We want these children to be well informed about how they, as consumers and as future voters and leaders, can choose to have a positive impact on others around the world through their everyday choices. Fairtrade connects us to farmers and producers around the world in a 'global community' that Traidcraft believes can be sustainable for all.

'Doing Fairtrade' in school is fun! Not only are there links between Fairtrade and a whole host of classroom subjects, but it provides opportunities to develop teamworking and business skills, creativity and good citizenship. Fairtrade empowers children and young people - they, too, can make a difference.

Many schools have told us that getting involved with Fairtrade has helped them with other initiatives too.

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Involvement with Traidcraft can help you fulfil government requirements and achieve a range of awards at the same time.

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