Traidcraft has a wide selection of posters, leaflets and other promotional material to help you promote fair trade. Click here to view a list of what's available. Use the product codes to add them on to your order for free or download them from the main website.

Our new Geobar website has lots of interactive games, activities and information about the Geobar ingredients and about our producers. Our World of Difference learning resources are based on many of the Fairtrade commodities used as ingredients in Geobars (Honey, Blueberries, Rice, Sugar, Raisins etc) so this website should provide useful additional information to support those using the resources.

Visit www.lovegeobar.com to find out more.

If you are a member of staff or a pupil and your school wants to take Fairtrade seriously, as well as getting involved with Traidcraft, we would encourage you to become a Fairtrade School.

Find out more at www.fairtrade.org.uk/schools.

Global Dimension is a website for teachers, offering a guide to books, videos, posters and websites. It offers resources for all age groups on subjects like climate change, poverty and fair trade.

Visit the Global Dimension website at www.globaldimension.org.uk.

Completely revised and updated to meet the needs of the modern GCSE curriculum, this bestselling textbook includes a comprehensive section on Fairtrade and Traidcraft complete with images and follow-up activities.

Order direct from www.stmarkspress.com.

These teaching resources from Comic Relief on the subject of Fairtrade and cocoa are a great way to introduce these themes in your classroom. Linked to the popular Dubble chocolate bar, there is also the option to set up video links between your school and a school in Ghana attended by the children of cocoa farmers.
Check them out at www.papapaa.org.

TeachUK is a Manchester-based initiative which runs after-school clubs and holiday workshops in the areas of performing arts, sciences and personal development. They have a fair trade programme of activity.
Find out more at www.teach-uk.co.uk.

Christian Aid have a large range of resources for schools on their Learn website: http://learn.christianaid.org.uk/ and have trade-related information and stories on their Global Gang website.

Visit the Christian Aid website.

Based in Yorskhire, fairandfunky deliver a unique range of interactive and creative workshops for schools on key global themes: Fairtrade, recycling and the environment. Official partners of Eco-Schools England, fairandfunky workshops can be accredited to both your Eco-schools and Fairtrade schools journey. fairandfunky teach within social, moral, spiritual and cultural frameworks, empowering students to take their own little steps to change the world.

Find out more on their website: http://www.fairandfunky.com/school-and-community-workshops/