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Buy a Treatbox

If you’re looking to integrate fair trade seamlessly into school, why not start with a Treatbox?

Our Treatboxes come flat packed and ready to be assembled in your staffroom, common room, or anywhere you like! Simply purchase your Treatbox and then choose what you’d like to fill it with. Maybe you could fill it with Geobars, granola bars, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and raw fruit bars and have a Healthy Treatbox... Or perhaps you could fill it with delectable Divine Chocolate, sweets, and cookies to make up a Tempting Treatbox...

Our Treatboxes come with an attached ‘honesty box’ so everyone can pay as they go!

How to order

If you already have a school account, just add your Treatbox and any snacks you need onto your next order.

Use code 62432 to order (£2.00), and browse our online shop for your snacks and treats.

For new school customers - to make sure you can access the school discounts and invoicing facility, you'll need to open a school account for your order to go through on. To do this, either:

  • Call the schools team on 0191 497 3999


  • Complete our online application and order form here.