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Staff Refreshments

Receive your refreshments for the staff room or to serve to parents at events delivered direct to school and we'll invoice the finance officer direct. Simple.

If you already have a school account with Traidcraft, don't forget to include tea, coffee, sugar and even biscuits for your staffroom.

If you don't yet have a school account and would like to order fair trade goods for use in your staff room or around the school, complete our online form below to open a standard invoice account, or when your order is ready, call the schools team on 0191 497 3999.

If you want to treat your fellow staff and cater for parents evenings or PTA meetings, why not give our percolator a try?

This compact percolator brews from 40 - 100 cups of real ground coffee, keeps for up to 6 hours, and is as easy to use as flicking a switch. Even better, we sell them at cost price, and have a host of delicious coffees ready to try...

With your School Invoice Account, you will receive:

  • £200 credit limit to spend on cleaning products and school refreshments too!
  • 30 days to pay on receiving your invoice
  • Order by email, phone, or post
  • Delivery in 3 working days
  • Free delivery when your order is over £40
  • In return, we ask that you aim to purchase over £300 of Traidcraft products a year
  • Free leaflets, posters, and support to help you on your school fair trade journey!

Simply click on the link below to open your School Account.

If you need further information, please call out Schools Team on 0191 0191 4973999.