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Sustainable Schools

"We can all adopt sustainable development, respecting both man and nature - and alter our production and consumption habits. Everyone can make a difference, starting right now." (Sustainable schools award guidelines)

The previous government stipulated that every school should be a 'sustainable school' by 2020. A national framework was introduced to help schools identify how to take steps towards this aim. This framework included 8 'doorways' - areas where sustainability could be developed or improved.

The doorways are shown below and, where relevant, give further information on how involvement with Fairtrade can help schools towards this aim.

Food and Drink

This gateway of the sustainable schools award encourages schools to provide healthy, local and sustainable food and drink and to commit to the environment and social responsibility.
Fairtrade includes strong commitments to improving the environmental impact of food production. It also makes our supply chains more sustainable as farming communities in the developing world themselves become more sustainable. Supporting Fairtrade also promotes social responsibility as it shows an awareness of the impact of our purchasing choices on those who produce the things we use each day.

Energy and Water
Travel and Traffic
Purchasing and Waste This gateway encourages sustainable consumption of products produced with high ethical and environmental standards.
Buildings and Grounds
Local Well-Being
Inclusion and Participation This gateway encourages schools to instil a long-lasting respect for human rights, freedoms and creative expression.
Global Citizenship

This gateway encourages schools to be models of good citizenship through active support for the well-being of the global environment and community.