Campaign on Cotton

The United States' policies are preventing cotton farmer Moussa Doumbia from lifting himself and his family out of poverty.

Dishing out billions of dollars every year to a handful of US farms lowers the price of cotton on the world market – and means that millions of farmers in Africa cannot get a fair price for their crop. These payments are called 'subsidies'.

When President Obama came to the UK in May, Traidcraft was there every step of the way to call on him for cotton justice.

You and your class can help farmers like Moussa not only by buying Fairtrade cotton school uniforms, but also by helping us to campaign to change the unfair rules that make fair trade necessary. Being involved in a campaign can empower your students by showing them that by speaking out they can really make a difference.

Take Action... With Fair Trade Cotton Uniforms!


You're school can take action by sourcing fair trade cotton uniforms!

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