Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Let Traidcraft inspire you to include a fair trade element in your Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Fifteen year old George Ellis has been running a successful school tuck shop in Sanday Community School on Orkney for the last three months as part of the bronze level of his Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

His mentor, former fair trader James Walls, recommended that it may be a good way of achieving the “skill” element of the award which involves setting up and running a business. In addition to the tuck shop, which sells a great deal of jelly teddies and yoghurt covered raisins, George has supplied local businesses with catalogues and sold directly to teachers, family and friends.

George was thrilled to be raising awareness of Traidcraft’s work on the Island as part of achieving the esteemed award and said

It’s been really great to work with Traidcraft. It has been an amazing learning experience about business and I’ve really enjoyed working with the Traidcraft team. If I could say anything to other young people about planning a Fairtrade focus for their Duke of Edinburgh, I would say do it, because it’s an amazing experience especially for those like me who are interested in a future in business. Even if they aren’t it's still great to help the Fairtrade mission!



There are lots of ideas for how you can combine Traidcraft and your Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Award requires that you complete actions for different areas of activity. Here are some ideas for the two sections Traidcraft fit into brilliantly:



Helping People – Do some fundraising to help our producers! Don’t forget to donate the money raised to Traidcraft Exchange.

Community Action & Raising Awareness – Why not get involved with our Justice Campaign by requesting some postcards and leaflets and distributing them in your community? 

Environment – Raise awareness of FairPalm (used in the Clean&Fair products) and Seredipalm, the group which produce the palm oil. Palm oil is a highly controversial issue as it’s caused so much deforestation and damage to the environment. FairPalm is a fair trade, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to the more widely distributed palm oil found in a huge array of household items. Read more about FairPalm in our resources section. Perhaps you could chair a debate in the classroom, or you could deliver a talk to your school?

Helping a Charity or Community Organisation & Fundraising - There are lots of potential ideas for fundraising! Fundraising can be combined with ‘event management’ , as you could co-ordinate a sponsored activity or event at school, like a non-uniform day or sponsored fun run!

Another possibility could be to co-ordinate a 'fair trade party'. If you are over 18, you could open a Fair Trader Account or if you’re under 18 you could ask your parent to do it for you. Simply get everyone together, share some catalogues with them collect in the orders for people and use the 'profit' to fundraise for Traidcraft too! DofE is very keen for you to show evidence that you're supporting a charity, and all of this would definitely show that!


School Subjects – Explore our resources library for lots of activities and lesson plans which fit into different subjects and key stages. Why not encourage your teacher to incorporate Traidcraft resources into some subjects?

Public Speaking and Debating – Why not give a talk to your school, local church, or community centre about Traidcraft and fair trade? We have lots of ideas for topics in our assemblies library.

Youth Enterprise – Why not encourage your school to start a tuck shop at break time? If you need any leaflets or catalogues to give to your teacher just get in touch with us at schools@traidcraft.co.uk.  If you’re over 18, you can co-ordinate this yourself and run your mini shop in a church, community centre, or wherever you like! Read more about running a community stall here

Media & Communication – Why not write an article or letter to your local newspaper advocating Traidcraft goods? You could also write to your local supermarket asking them to stock Traidcraft products, or to your church asking them to set up a regular Traidcraft church stall. We’d love to hear how you’re combining Traidcraft with your Duke of Edinburgh Award. Let us know at schools@traidcraft.co.uk and we could publish your story on the Traidcraft Blog

Creative Arts – Traidcraft producers use a wide range of skills to hand-make our products, from knitting and embroidery to woodwork. Why not try to recreate some of our embroidered cards or crochet accessories? Browse the Traidcraft online shop for more ideas. You could even print off images from our producer stories and resources and make a collage or mosaic. 

An Expedition

Going on an expedition gives you the change to have an adventure, work as a team, and act on your own initiative.

Our Hadrian’s Wall walk would be a wonderful adventure! You have to be over 18 to take part on your own, otherwise if you are between 14 and 17 you must be accompanied by a parent. You can read more about the Hadrian’s Wall walk here.

If you're mentoring someone completing the Award, feel free to contact our lovely Schools team (schools@traidcraft.co.uk) if you need to discuss ideas!