Breakfast Club

Start a Fair Trade Breakfast Club!

People around the world are connected by breakfasts. Our breakfasts often include coffee from Africa, tea from Asia, juice from South America, cereal, fruit, honey… Commodities from the four corners of the world. As Martin Luther King so correctly stated, we’ve already relied on the developing world before our day has even begun.

We want children to start the day the right way, and by making your Breakfast Club a Traidcraft Breakfast Club you’ll know that you’re helping to ensure farmers around the world are paid a fair amount for their produce.

And how does a Traidcraft Breakfast Club work?

We stock a huge range of fair trade breakfast foods, drinks, dried fruits, fruit pots, and more. Order your breakfast supplies through us and we'll give you 10% off all of them too - just for being a School!

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The Traidcraft Breakfast Pack

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Did You Know...

Holding a Traidcraft Breakfast Club can help you become a Fairtrade School? Add a Club to your school action plan and you’ll be demonstrating your determination to make fair trade a real part of your school routine. Your Club will also be evidence of your school using real fair trade products!

Use a School Account to run your Breakfast Club, and receive:


~ 10% off all foods, snacks, drinks, and refreshments

~ 15% off non-food items (you could use this for a fair trade picnic blanket or some toys!)

~ 30 days to pay (we’ll send you an invoice)

~ £500 credit limit

~ Delivery in 3 days

~ Free posters, leaflets, postcards, and resources

~ All the support you could need from our Schools Team