Quinoa - Bolivia

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In this lesson the class reads the story of a Bolivian quinoa farmer and then answers questions about his life.

In this lesson students explore the process of growing quinoa and how it becomes pasta.

In this lesson the class uses the symbols < and > to order numbers and phrases about Fairtrade.

In this lesson the class explores the features of the Uturuncu volcano in Bolivia and the importance of it to local quinoa farmers.

In this lesson the children draw a table to help them consider the social, economic and environmental aspects of Fairtrade.

In this lesson the class travel to the future in a time machine to imagine what the lives of Fairtrade producers may be like.

In this lesson the class explores the links between healthy eating and Fairtrade.

This lesson allows the class to talk about their opinions about Fairtrade and consider alternative views.

The class makes a Spanish Fairtrade advert in this lesson.

The class makes a story board about the life of a Fairtrade producer in Bolivia.

You may want to use these extra activities to complement this unit.