4 - The Traidcraft Magazine

In this lesson pupils write a news article about the difference that Fairtrade has made to communities on islands in the Orange River.

Learning Outcome
Children have reviewed the ways in which Fairtrade has made a difference to Eksteenskuil farmers.

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Resources needed
Art materials.

In pairs pupils mind map as much as they can remember about Fairtrade - its causes, aims, achievements and the way in which it works. Discuss the differences Fairtrade makes in the lives of producers and their families in developing countries.

Main Activity
Look through the Traidcraft Magazine with the class. What do the titles of the articles and photos tell them about the impact of Fairtrade on producers?

Explain that pupils are going to write an article for the Traidcraft Magazine about EAC and the difference Fairtrade has made to communities on the islands in the Orange River.

In pairs the class looks through the EAC producer stories, country and producer group profiles and find out where the Orange River is and what it is like and examples of how Fairtrade has helped the communities.

As a class or in small groups pupils discuss ideas of how people in the UK can take action for Fairtrade. Discuss the kind of language used by newspapers and the different parts to a report.

Using the Magazine template, pupils write their article using their notes and drawing accompanying pictures.

Split the class into groups and assign each group a way farmers and their communities on the Orange River have benefited from Fairtrade. The rest of the class try to guess it.
(E.g. There is a vegetable garden, school children have new school bags, a water pump has been installed, tractors and equipment have been bought)

Look on the Traidcraft website www.traidcraft.co.uk at Traidcraft Exchange projects which are happening in Africa and ask pupils to write an article to add to their magazine.