Making a World of Difference - Summary Unit

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In this activity children investigate one producer group and then give a presentation to persuade others to buy their Fairtrade product.

In this lesson the children research different producer groups and then write a story about an imaginary visit they have made to one of them.

In this lesson the class learns about the responsibilities of Fairtrade premium committee members and writes an article about their daily lives.

In this lesson the children play a version of 'Happy Families' while learning about some Fairtrade producer groups.

In this lesson the class discusses differences between Bolivia, India and Malawi and the effect that Fairtrade has had on various communities in these countries.

In this lesson the class investigates supply chains and the implications of transporting goods around the world.

In this lesson the class practices using co-ordinates by completing a Fairtrade coordinates worksheet.

In this lesson the class designs a new label for Geobar.

During this activity the pupils learn about pledges and make a Fairtrade pledge

Pupils make a timeline in this lesson outlining the main events in Fairtrade history

In this lesson the class researches different types of festivals and tries to come up with an idea for a Fairtrade Festival which will take place during Fairtrade Fortnight.

In this lesson the pupils make a Fairtrade jigsaw puzzle to show the bigger picture about Fairtrade.