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Make Your Own Handmade Paper with our Producers in Nepal!

Explore the world of Handmade Paper, our producer group GPI in Nepal, and get crafty with our new activities!

The story of Get Paper Industries (GPI) in Nepal is a brilliant example of how a fair trade co-operative looks after its employees and the environment at the same time. Schools can get involved with Traidcraft by learning about groups like GPI, thinking about how they can change the world, and by buying fair trade products to support producers around the world.

We’ve developed some new classroom resources to explore the world of GPI, Nepal, and the art of making paper from scrap materials, which are adaptable for KS1 – KS3.

These resources include a video, a powerpoint presentation, and an activity demonstrating how to make your very own paper. There are also some extension activity suggestions, including ideas for how to fit the activity in with a lesson on recycling and the environment.

Watch our GPI Video

Download ‘Let’s Meet GPI’ Powerpoint

Download ‘Make Your Own Handmade Paper’ Activity

Explore some of GPI’s handmade paper and felt products on the Traidcraft online shop