10 - Making a Mark

In this lesson the class designs a new Fairtrade logo specifically for young people.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to Curriculum aims and programmes of study in DT, Computing and Art & Design and to non-statutory programmes of study in PSHE and Citizenship.

Learning Objective
To design a logo.

Learning Outcome
Children have investigated Fairtrade logos and gathered ideas then designed their own Fairtrade logo.

Download documents:

In pairs pupils look at the Fairtrade Mark
• What does the Mark look like? 
• How would you describe it? 
• Why does the Mark use those specific colours?
• Why is it that shape? 
• Is it memorable?
• Do you think it represents Fairtrade? Why/why not?

What do you think makes it a good logo?

Pupils can follow the same process with alternative logos from Fairtrade organisations, e.g. Traidcraft.

Main Activity
Ask pupils to design a new Fairtrade logo specifically for young people. Designs should be labelled and pupils should explain why they have chosen their specific design but it can be portrayed in different ways, e.g. a model, a t-shirt transfer, a drawing, a film. Pupils can work together in groups.

Send us the best designs by email

Have a display of the different designs. Pupils choose one they particularly like and think will be an effective way of spreading the word about Fairtrade to young people. They then have to write on a post it note/scrap paper why they have chosen it.