1 - Biography of a Honey Farmer

In this lesson the class writes a biography of a Fairtrade producer.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to Curriculum aims and programmes of study in English and to non-statutory programmes of study in PSHE and Citizenship.

Learning objective
To write a biography

Learning outcome
Children have written a biography of a Fairtrade producer, considering how their life has changed.

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The class reads Sonia and Guido's story in pairs and notes down what they believe to be the important events in their lives.

Main activity
Discuss features of a biography – what order should it be in? Chronological order. What language should we use? Formal. Pupils imagine Sonia and Guido's lives (and their children's lives) in ten years time and write a short report focusing on how things have changed and the difference Fairtrade has made.

e.g. “If we hadn’t started keeping bees our children would have had no opportunities for work …”

Draw a blank photo frame on the board. Tell the class that this is your Fairtrade picture of the lesson. Describe what is happening in the picture pointing to different places in the blank photo frame .

“In the front of the photo you see Guido, who is a honey farmer. Behind him you see a truck. No one can drive it yet but Guido Jr. will be able to have driving lessons with the money his parents make from Fairtrade . Next to him is his family….”

In pairs students describe their own Fairtrade photos.

Pupils may want to go on to think about how their lives might differ from Sonia and Guido's and then write their own autobiography describing what they think their own lives might be like in 10 years time.