5 - Fairtrade Superheroes

In this lesson the class creates a short sketch about a Fairtrade Superhero.

PHOTO: Planting the Blueberry Bushes
This is a photo from Apicoop in Chile, in July 2008, planting their first blueberry bushes directly in the soil on the Apicoop plot of land. Up to 70% of a family’s income can come from bees but relying on just one product is a risky business. This is why Apicoop decided to diversify by growing and exporting blueberries in 2006. Traidcraft supported the project by providing a grant to buy the blueberry bushes and a market to sell the product in their new Blueberry Geobar. The blueberries are grown on about 21 hectares of land. 8 members of Apicoop staff are involved in the blueberry project and Apicoop has become the only source in the world of honey-infused dried blueberries for export. 10 tonnes of dried blueberries are expected to be brought by Traidcraft in 2010 which will be the first harvest. On the first day of planting the bushes in July 2009, the local authorities, mayor and representatives the Agriculture and Trade Ministries participated in the planting process.

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