A series of 6 lesson plans to support teaching on fair trade in the context of Geography. All resources for students also available in WELSH. Scroll down to the bottom of each lesson plan and click on the Welsh flag.

In this lesson students act as tour guides for a "Meet the People tour" in the Fairtrade producer country they have been given to research. They try to convince the rest of the class that they should visit their country on a 'round the world' trip.

In this lesson the class uses atlases to construct a map of the world and graphical techniques to record physical and human landmarks. They then consider the positive and negative impacts of trade on countries.

In this lesson the class watches a film and then explores one method of diversification portrayed in the film and its impact on humans and the environment.

In this lesson students create a board game to show how Fairtrade has had an impact on five different producer countries.

In this lesson the class considers the factors which lead to migration.

In this lesson the class explores the links between Fairtrade and the Millennium Development Goals