A series of 6 lesson plans to support teaching on Fairtrade within the context of PSHE. All resources for students also available in WELSH. Scroll down to the bottom of each lesson plan and click on the Welsh flag.

In this lesson students consider the many jobs associated with Fairtrade and think about the most important skills and abilities required for each role.

In this lesson students write and answer a list of Fairtrade interview questions

In this lesson the class considers the impact of buying Fairtrade in the UK and India.

In this lessson the class designs a 'Fairtrade Guide to Life' based on the principles governing Fairtrade.

In this lesson the class creates a simple guide for local primary school students on how to 'go Fairtrade'.

In this lesson the class makes a Fairtrade A to Z based on producer stories and other research. They then make a display out of the best ones.