4. What did Apartheid mean to Black South Africans?

In this lesson the students use drama to learn about the laws that were brought in during Apartheid.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan has links to Curriculum aims in History, and aims and programmes of study in Geography and English.

Prepare sets of sorting cards, organise classroom so students have room for drama.

Learning Objective
To recognise some of the laws of apartheid in South Africa between 1948 and 1994.

Learning Outcome
To understand the impact of apartheid on black South Africans.

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Split students into pairs. Explain that one of them is an “alien” come down from out of space that has landed in South Africa during the apartheid era. The other has to explain to the “alien” what apartheid is. Remind them that aliens aren’t going to know anything about humans or life on earth…..

Main Activity
In pairs students look at the different laws that were brought in during apartheid and match them to the appropriate meaning. Discuss the laws with the students and remind them that they were being implemented in South Africa up until 1990. How do they feel about them? How would the lives of black Africans have changed? As a class discuss the impact of the laws on individuals, families and communities.

Split students into groups. Explain that you are going to give each group one of the apartheid laws and they need to develop a short piece of drama which illustrates the impact of the law on black South Africans.

After watching each group’s drama ask the class to think back to the film clips of the previous lesson – or perhaps watch one again. Does their increased knowledge of the challenges black South Africans had to face every day change their interpretation of the end of apartheid? What sort of risks were people taking when they raised their voices and challenged the government?

Split the class into two teams and ask them to stand in two lines. Draw a line down the middle of the board and present whiteboard markers to the head person of each team. Set “apartheid” as the title and explain that each team has to write as many words as they can think of to do with the subject. Only one student can write at a time. They then give the marker to the next student in line and take their place at the back. Award one point per word/phrase. The team with the most points wins.

Students must not copy the other team! If you see that a word/phrase has been replicated then the team that wrote it first gets the point.