10 - Shoebox of Change

In this lesson the students think about cause and effect. They take an action to support Fairtrade and then consider the effect it has had a month later.

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Main Activity
Ask the class what types of actions they could take to bring about change on Fairtrade and mind map some ideas.

Example Activities:
Pledge card, changing a bad individual/family/school habit, design a poster, leaflet, advert to raise awareness, make a film, write a letter to an MP, give an assembly, raise the issue with the school council, teachers or head, talk to charities and other organisations.

When students have carried out the action they put a record of it into the shoe box.

The box is locked away and then opened at the end of the term/month. What was the effect of the action? Did it raise awareness? Change attitudes? Bring Fairtrade into the school? Was it long term or short term change?