The Great Fairtrade Bake Off

Students will explore the need for, and wide range of, Fairtrade food products and take part in a Fairtrade baking competition.

Skills Focus:

Research, presentation, public speaking, analysis, creativity.

Starter: Fairtrade versus non-Fairtrade taste test.

Provide several Fairtrade products and their non-Fairtrade counterparts for a ‘taste test’. One, or several, students should be blindfolded and asked to try each item before guessing which is the Fairtrade product. The idea behind the exercise is to show the students that Fairtrade products don’t necessarily taste different, they are just traded differently.

Main Activity: Give a short presentation, using producer case studies, about the need for fair trade, then research and bake Fairtrade recipes.

In small groups, students should choose one Fairtrade ingredient which is often used in baking, such as sugar; chocolate; raisins etc. The group should research where the ingredient comes from, and the people involved in making it. They should try and find at least two examples of manufacturing companies who sell the product, one of which must be Fairtrade. For each company, they should compile a short fact file about their relationship with producers and any standards they have in place for ensuring good working practices. The following websites may be useful:

Students should use their research to make a short 2 minute presentation about why they think buying Fairtrade food is important and useful. The focus should be on what effect us buying Fairtrade products has on the producers in developing countries.

Each group must then research and choose one Fairtrade recipe they’d like to make. These steps could be done in advance if the baking is to be done on the same day. Alternatively, the school could provide some Fairtrade ingredients and students must choose a recipe which uses these ingredients.

Students should have an allotted time to bake their Fairtrade products, whether this is done at school or at home the night before. They should then enter it into ‘The Great Fairtrade Bake Off’. A panel of judges, or the whole class, should taste each product and secretly vote for which they liked best. One person should tally the votes and reveal the winner.