Spreading The Word

Students will research the fair trade movement and write a newspaper article to educate consumers about making ethical choices.

Skills Focus:

Research, written communication, creativity, discussion, evaluation.

This session can also be linked to the following KS4 exam specification themes:

  • AQA English Language (write non-fiction texts for a variety of audiences and purposes)
  • Edexcel English (reflect on ideas, issues and experiences through writing, write newspaper articles and formal reports)
  • AQA Geography (contribution of Fairtrade)
  • AQA Citizenship Studies (fair and ethical trade)


Starter: Assessing what students already know about fair trade.

Show an image of the Fairtrade Mark on the board and brainstorm what students already know about fair trade. As part of this, make a list of products that the students know are available fairly traded.

Main Activity: Writing a newspaper article on a fair trade theme of their choice.

Give students 20 minutes to research fair trade organisations on the internet. They need to find out which organisations are involved in fair trade, what their involvement is (i.e. do they sell fair trade products / do they campaign for trade justice etc) and what impact it makes on producers in the developing world.

Students should then spend the next 20 minutes writing a newspaper or magazine article on the topic of fair trade. They can choose which particular focus they want to write about from the list below, or use their own ideas:

  • The increasing popularity of Fairtrade products in the UK
  • The range of fairly traded products available
  • The difference between fair trade and Fairtrade
  • Ethical fashion
  • Fairtrade cooking / baking ideas and inspiration

Plenary: Class feedback and discussion about the articles written.

Ask some students to volunteer to tell the class what their theme was, and the key points they made. Compare and contrast with other students who wrote about the same topic.