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Crafty Cosies for Fairtrade Fortnight!

Supplement your Big Brew with our patterns for knitted coasters, teacosies and mug hugs!

If you're a crafty knitter or keen to learn, why not take part in making some tea accessories during your Big Brew event or tea break? Hold a 'Grand Knitathon' in your lunch breaks and see what people can make during Fairtrade Fortnight!

We think your mugs of tea and coffee should be looked after, and so we've created some free knitted coaster, teacosy, and mug hug patterns for you to play with. Have a go on staff breaks or lunchtime and give the staffroom some cosy colour!

Download our free knitted coaster patterns here.

Download our free knitted teacosy pattern here.

Download our free knitted mug hug pattern here.

If you or your students are handy with knitting needles why not make ‘mug hugs’ in advance to sell at your Fairtrade Fortnight event?

Encourage younger pupils to make mug hugs from felt for their parents or simply to decorate the cups they are drinking out of using card, glitter, scraps of fabric, and coloured pens!

The Traidcraft Schools team would love to see what you make! Email us your pictures and stories at