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Want to take it a step further?

If you're interested in taking it a step further why not consider campaigning and influencing in your local community or even getting in touch with your local MP?

We find that the fair trade message can be much more powerful this way and it can help with confidence building and forging stronger links locally too.

Here are some ideas about how your group can make a difference locally:

  • Get involved with you local Fairtrade Steering Group. Most towns, cities and boroughs now have Fairtrade steering groups to promote fair trade locally. Why not find out what they're doing and see how you can be involved?
  • Encourage the use of fair trade in local shops, restaurants, cafes and businesses. Why not plan a trip to your local suprermarket to see what Fairtrade products they have on offer, if there's something they don't have, tell them about it! We can provide you with a selection of leaflets and plenty of information for you to pass around.
  • Campaigning and influencing at government level: a big part of our work is to campaign to change the rules of trade which are stacked against poor people. We aim to raise awareness of injustices, build public support for change and put pressure on decision-makers – like government ministers, MPs, or businesses – to bring about change. We find that children and young people are often even more outraged by injustice than adults, which makes them fantastic campaigners! If you or your group would like to get involved in campaigning, visit or call us on 0207 242 3955 for a chat!