8th September 2017 - International Literacy Day

Download our KS1 Literacy lesson plan, using connectives and synonyms in the context of fair trade.


September - Harvest Festival

Why not hold a Big Supper in school? Use our Harvest Supper Resource to inspire a gathering at your school for everyone to join together and appreciate harvest.

Download our Harvest Worship Kit, to use in your Harvest Mass, assembly, or lesson plan.

Use the broad scope of our teaching resources resources if you'd like to use fair trade to discuss the topic of hunger with your class.


21st September 2017 - International Day of Peace

Download our Peace & Friendship assembly plan.


26th September 2017 - International Day of Languages

Spanish FT poster task for KS2.

Commercio Justo Fairtade advert task for KS2.

Commercio Justo Fruit Snap game for KS2.


27th September 2017 - United Nations World Tourism Day

Download our KS3 Geography lesson entitled 'Meet the People World Trip'.