Extra Activities

You may want to use these extra activities to complement this unit.

Sapsiwaye came originally from China, and is a game where a small shuttle-cock like implement (the sapsiwaye) is kept from hitting the ground with one foot only and kicked back and forth over a net.

The sapsiwaye has undergone numerous transformations. It used to be made out of feathers, tied with a rubber band, wild grass, sweet potato leaves and then just a collection of rubber bands tied together. Now it’s more often than not played with a shuttle cock.
The official game is played by three players on a court the size of a badminton court (20 x 44 ft) The aim of the game is to use one foot only and keep the sapsiwaye off the ground, and kicking it over a net (5 ft 1” or 1.55 metres).

Discuss the game of sapsiwaye with the class using a shuttle cock and some volunteers. Is it similar to any of our games? Talk about the different materials used to make the sapsiwaye over the ages. 

Main Activity
In groups of 3, pupils make their own sapsiwayes from rubber bands, grass and feathers. They then play the game with them, finishing with the shuttlecock. Which were most durable? 

Write out the rules to sapsiwaye and any changes that the pupils would make to the game.