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KS4 French Resources (Cocoa Production)

Explore the world of cocoa production in the Ivory Coast with this Key Stage 4 and 5 French lesson plan!




Curriculum Links:

This lesson has links to curriculum aims and Programmes of Study in Modern Foreign Languages.

Learning Objectives:

To learn about the Ivory Coast, its cocoa industry and the role of fairtrade.


Learning Outcomes:

Pupils will be able to use their knowledge about the Ivory Coast, the cocoa industry and Fairtrade to be able to make informed opinions and decisions about supporting Fairtrade in the future.  They will express and justify their opinions in French. 

Resources Needed:

KS4&5 French Lesson Plan

KS4&5 French Starter Activity

KS4&5 French Vocabulary

KS4&5 French Farmers Information

KS4&5 French Fairtrade Information

KS4&5 French Plenary

KS4&5 French Teacher's Answers