December - Advent

Cross Curricular - Set of resources exploring Bongi's life as a Candle Sculptor

More Advent resources coming soon...


2nd December 2017 - International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Set of 6 KS3 History lessons about South Africa, the Gold Rush, Apartheid and Nelson Mandela.

KS3 Citizenship - Pillars of a Constitution

KS4-5 resource "The Bitter Taste of Coffee" to provoke discussions about modern day slavery 


10th December 2017 - Human Rights Day

KS2 lesson about equal opportunities and how to treat people

KS4-5 resource "The Bitter Taste of Coffee"


25th December 2017 - Christmas

Fantastic block printing resource to learn about block printers in India and have a go at block printing some wrapping paper yourself:

The Pattern of Poverty lesson plan

The Pattern of Poverty PowerPoint