9 - The Fairtrade Issue Tree

In this lesson the class draws an image to demonstrate the need for Fairtrade.

Learning Objective
To draw a picture to show a problem/to solve a problem.

Learning Outcome
Children understand why Fairtrade is needed by rice farmers in India.

Resources needed
Art materials.

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Ask the class to complete the sentence 'Fair trade is...' Decide on the best definition and write it on the board. What do the class think life was like for farmers before Fairtrade? Mind map some initial ideas with the class.

Main activity
Either read or distribute the Agrocel producer stories and ask pupils to find examples of the problems they faced.

Pupils draw a tree. At the roots of the tree write down the roots of the problem e.g. rice farmers in the developing world don’t get a fair price/enough money for their products.

Along the branches of the tree write down the different problems this causes for the rice farmers e.g. their children don’t get a good education, farmers can’t always feed their families, farmers get into debt.

At the conclusion of the activity discuss with pupils the ways in which Fairtrade has helped farmers to overcome these challenges. They then add their ideas around the edges of the tree using the sentence starter 'Because of Fairtrade, farmers can…'