6 - Transporting Goods around the World

In this lesson the class investigates supply chains and the implications of transporting goods around the world.

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Bolivia 9,986 km 6,206 miles
Chile 11,649km 7,239 miles
India 7,027km 4,367 miles
Malawi 7,961km 4,947 miles
Mauritius 9,712km 6,035 miles
South Africa 8,991km 5,587 miles
Thailand 9,534km 5,925 miles


Pros: Supporting producers in other countries to get a fair deal, helping communities to develop, we have access to different foods which can’t be grown in the UK, we’re able to eat fruit/veg all year round because it’s always in season somewhere, it provides employment for the many people involved in transporting cargo around the world, Fairtrade goods have to meet environmental standards before they can be certified.