3 - A Day in the life of...

In this lesson the class learns about the responsibilities of Fairtrade premium committee members and writes an article about their daily lives.

N.B. You may wish to do the “What is the Fairtrade premium?” activity to review its role in Fairtrade prior to this task. This activity can be split into the parts identified below and undertaken over a series of lessons.

Curriculum Links:
This lesson plan links to non-statutory programmes of study in Citizenship and to Curriculum aims and programmes of study in Geography and English.

Learning Objective
To recognise the responsibilities of a member of a Fairtrade premium committee.

Learning Outcome
Children have written "a day in the life of a member of the premium committee."

Resources Needed

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Write “Fairtrade premium” onto the board and ask pupils to write a question to which “Fairtrade premium” is the answer. How important is the Fairtrade premium to producer communities in the developing world? Why is it important that Fairtrade goes further than just guaranteeing a fair price to farmers?

Main Activity
Part 1

Distribute producer stories from Agrocel, Apicoop, Anapqui and EAC to the class. Pupils read them and then try to answer the following questions:

• What is premium committee?
• Who sits on the premium committee? 
• What sort of things do they spend the premium on?

Feedback as a class. Are there similarities between the different producer groups? What do we learn about the challenges faced by farmers and communities in the developing world? (e.g. access to water, training for farmers, machinery)

Part 2
Copy the information below onto the board and work out with the class how much money Apicoop received for their honey and blueberries in 2009.

Received Quantities (kg)

  2007 2008 2009
Honey 122400 142800 87000
Blueberries     5074

Fair trade premium received by Apicoop per kg

Honey $0.15
Blueberries $2

In groups pupils decide what they would spend their money on if they sat on the Apicoop premium committee and then read the Apicoop producer stories as a class. Were the groups correct in their suggestions?

Part 3
In pairs pupils think of the different problems a premium committee might face and share with the class (e.g. disagreements on the committee, difficult choices, not enough money, balancing long term and short term priorities). Pupils think of possible solutions.

Ask pupils to write 'A day in the life of a member of the premium committee'. They should include:
• Where they live and which committee they sit on.
• The challenges they face.
• How they decide to spend the premium.
• How they overcome problems on the committee.

Set a discussion question for the class e.g. Is Fairtrade important? Students spend two minutes discussing in pairs. They then join with another pair and discuss the question for another two minutes before joining with another 4 students and discussing. This process can be continued until you have a brief full class debate on the subject.