11 - Fairtrade Festival

In this lesson the class researches different types of festivals and tries to come up with an idea for a Fairtrade Festival which will take place during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to non-statutory programmes of study in Religious Studies, PSHE and Citizenship and to Curriculum aims in Computing.

Learning Objective
To explore different non-religious and religious festivals.

Learning Outcome
Children have developed a Fairtrade festival based on their research of other festivals.

Resources Needed
Fairtrade Festival factsheet.

Split the class into groups and ask different groups to research Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Buddha Day, Eid-Ul-Adha, Bonfire Night, the Summer Solstice and look for other non-religious festivals for homework before this activity.

Mind map information about different religious and non-religious festivals with the class. Remember to include not only Diwali, Eid and Christmas but also other festivals such as bonfire night and the summer solstice. Use pupil’s homework research and the fact sheet to add to the mind map.

Main Activity
In groups pupils identify similarities between the festivals. For example:
- Many festivals are about celebrations
- People share good news, thoughts or actions
- Houses and places of worship are decorated, often with lots of colour
- People listen to stories (Guy Fawkes, The Christmas story, Rama and Sita)

Have the children heard of Fairtrade fortnight? What is it? Explain to the class that there is also a World Fair Trade Day celebrated on the 2nd Saturday of May each year.

What are the ideals behind Fairtrade and how can they be expressed, shared and celebrated with others?

In groups pupils think of different ideas for a class Fairtrade festival
• Listening to, or acting out different producer stories
• Decorate the classroom with Fairtrade colours or a specific pattern
• Cook food made with Fairtrade ingredients

If possible, pupils plan a “festival” for Fairtrade fortnight or World Fairtrade Day.

Using a roll of blank wallpaper turn one wall of the class into a graffiti wall. Students then write down what they have learnt, how they feel about Fairtrade and what they would like to know more about in the future.


Click here to download the Fairtrade Festival sheet in Welsh.