10 - A Fairtrade Story

The class makes a story board about the life of a Fairtrade producer in Bolivia.

Curriculum Links
This lesson plan links to Curriculum aims and programmes of study in Art & Design and English, and to non-statutory programmes of study in Citizenship.

Learning Objective
To plan and write a story.

Learning Outcome
Pupils have created a story board about a Fairtrade producer exploring how Fairtrade has improved their life.

Resources Needed
Internet and other research tools, art materials, paper, hole punch, string or ribbon.

Download documents:

Download documents in Welsh:

Use the interactive white board to identify where Bolivia is on a map of the world and compare it to the UK. What are the similarities and differences in size and location?

Main Activity
In groups pupils use the country profile, the internet and other research tools to investigate what Bolivia is like. What does the landscape look like? The houses? Vitaliano grows Fairtrade quinoa in Bolivia. Read his story with the class.

• What was his life like before Fairtrade? 
• What benefits does he receive through Fairtrade?
• What difference has Fairtrade made to his life?

Explain that the pupils are going to tell the story of a farmer and his family who begin to grow and sell Fairtrade produce. Each pupil plans a storyboard (picture and words). (Lower achievers could do 4 frames, middle 6 frames and higher 8 frames).

Distribute pieces of paper to each pupil to reproduce their storyboard. Hole punch and then tie together with string or ribbon.

Some groups may want to go on to tell their story aloud to the rest of the class or in pairs.

In pairs or groups pupils think of 2 similarities between Vitaliano’s story and their own lives in the UK.